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Monday Mottoes – #164

voting2US Election Day approaches and I know one thing for sure, no matter which candidate wins: half of our populace will be mad and half will be glad.

And probably at least a third of our citizenry will not even vote at all.

Sad. Yet, if they feel that their voice doesn’t matter and that their vote doesn’t count, what can one say?

America has issues at home and abroad that need to be addressed: a sluggish economy… voting2immigration concerns… terrorism threats… maids without security clearances printing top-secret e-mails… 60,000 felons being cleared to vote in Virginia… and so much more. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Voting is a right best exercised by people who have taken time to learn about the issues.” ~ Tony Snow

Can you say, “Amen” to that-?!



Many are the character flaws of both main candidates.  Trump and Clinton are not running as Sunday School poster children.  That’s why we need to look at their stance on issues— from national security, to a strong economy, to late-term abortion, to energy production, to health care, to ISIS, to likely Supreme Court nominees.

It’s scary to consider the topics and which voters might, or might not, show up on Election Day. But we forge on with freedom in our veins and hope for the best.


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