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Monday Mottoes – #171

new-year-new-goals-1024x640Blank pages spread before us for 2017, what will we write? What will we imagine or dream? Does the inspiration come from outside of us, or deep within? What’s a priority, what deserves our time and attention?

Is it God speaking to us, our mate calling out for attention, the boss asking for more, or our own heart insisting that we could be or do better?

Will we answer the call? Or do we rationalize it away?

Each of us faces the daunting task of setting resolutions, when we resolve to accomplish what we might not achieve on our own, without new-years-goalsthe nudge that comes from knowing we will hold ourselves accountable.

It’s not enough to say that there is no time to do what we need, want or desire, because there’s plenty of time, but we must set priorities which support our highest values and goals. Time without boundaries and targets is flying off the rails, a train wreck of a life, without the grounding to keep us on track.

So how do we harness time for the best uses? We start with the basic understanding that success is within our grasp. Success is selective process which often means saying no to things that are good, but not best. It’s balance and timing. Some things may be accomplished in the middle of the night, other activities are locked into 9 to 5.

So success has to do with achieving goals, completing and performing tasks with a deadline attached. Which brings us to today’s motto:

always-bear-in-mind-that-your-own-resolution-to-succeed-is-more-important-than-any-one-thing-abraham-lincoln“Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” ~Abraham Lincoln

You want positive outcomes, right? Then commit to yourself to succeed, not to live up to someone else’s standards of success, but your own. In order to attain favorable outcomes, we have to aim for something specific and measurable. This is where goal-setting comes in and a little time spent quietly with yourself and then maybe with your spouse, mapping it out.

Where are you headed and how and when do you want to get there? The more the effort, the faster the trip goes. Less effort and you’re in the slow lane.

Another week until 2017, time to figure out where you’re headed and put the pedal to the metal. Happy Monday, everyone!


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