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Monday Mottoes – #172

gymIt was New Year’s Eve, not the late, late hours before midnight, but definitely after dinner. My son and I headed to the gym in an effort to stem the spread of calories from an indulgent holiday dinner. Not that the meal was so over-the-top, but, let’s just say it was definitely more than our usual repast….

The huge gym spread before us… and we were two… among four patrons. Now, mind you, there was still time to shower and head out to other events, so that could not have been preventing folks. It was all of 9:00 pm or so. Yet, the broad and empty expanse showed only few, less than a handful of clients grabbing a headstart on their resolutions.

I was flabbergasted, other than acknowledging that many sane adults did not like to head outside the home on a night when other drivers may be drinking.

Personally, I think New Year’s is overrated, since every day of our life can be a “new year” and a brand-new start. I don’t wait for the secondscalendar year to change in order to let me know that I can reinvent myself and my surroundings.  But I celebrate and embrace the idea of a new year just as much as anyone else.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Every second brings a fresh beginning…
Every hour holds a new promise…
Every night our dreams can bring new hope…
And every day is what you choose to make it!” ~Unknown

Taking a few minutes the night before to make a list of goals to accomplish the next day will definitely fast-track you to your intended destination. You hit the ground running before dawn on the morrow.

Lay your clothes out the night before, as well.

So much in life can operate so much more smoothly if only we would plan… and then seize the day.

Happy Monday, everyone! Have a fabulous 2017!


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