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Monday Mottoes – #176

loveWith about a week until Valentine’s Day, our thoughts turn toward love and all of its ramifications: romantic love, lifetime love, sacrificial love. For some, love means pain, or romantic movies involving tears. For others, love holds the fairy tale ideal of there always being laughter and no real problems. For professionals, there are those who sneak around the office, trying to see a colleague on the side if their company forbids dating between coworkers. Then we find the few who can stay together for decades, even with the ups and downs of life.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“There is only one happiness in this life: to love and be loved.” ~ George Sand
I don’t know. Chocolate pie or a nice horseback ride or game of tennis rates right up there as well. Sitting in a cafe in Venice, or Caffe-Florian-Venicewalking through the Old City of Jerusalem, or awakening in a Tuscan village with flowerpots in the window ranks high, as well. Cuddling with the dogs never grows old, either….
Written by the French novelist Marie-Aurore de Saxe, Marquise of Dudevant, born in Paris in 1804, she used a male pseudonym when she wrote and had at least ten well-publicized affairs over the decades.
Is that love?
Speaking of George Sand, Ivan Turgenev commented, “What a brave man she was, and what a good woman.”

I’m not so sure. I inwardly wonder if her actions declared that she was truly a cowardly man and a bad woman, but of course, I never knew her.

there-is-only-one-happiness-in-this-life-to-love-and-to-be-lovedWhat draws couples together and what pulls them apart? What does it mean to seek someone else’s happiness rather than focusing only on our own?

For me, love is supporting, and caring, and honoring, and preferring. Love is nurturing and protecting. It’s not easy beyond say, the first week or month or year of togetherness, which could explain why so many jump in… and out… of “love” on a regular basis.

When done right, love is worth it. So take some time today and do it right.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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