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Monday Mottoes – #18

if_youd_met_my_family_youd_understand_magnet-rf8816b3a78d841e7a56c653b42371d5b_x7js9_8byvr_512At the holidays, we try to prepare our teens for the inevitable:  they will one day grow up and leave home.  (Grant it, Lord.) 

Which means the holidays can be dicey:  do we go to yours, mine, or ours in terms of family gatherings?

The kids were in shock that such discussions or decisions should ever be faced.  They become very fuzzy when pondering such upcoming events.

“What if I live too far away from you to come home for a holiday?” they wonder.

“Fine with us,” we grin, possibly a bit too readily.

“But what if I want to visit you?”

“It’s possible that we might live too far away,” we try, inserting, “whatever you do, just keep in mind that if_you_met_my_family_you_would_understand_mug-rd44d766b28874a5bb72ccfac6810be8b_x7jgp_8byvr_512 you’re marrying into a family, you’re not just marrying the one person.”

“I’m not marrying a family-!” they protest.

“Oh, yes, you are, in more ways than one.  Choose wisely,” we wink.

“Fine.  I’m never getting married.”

And so it goes, which leads us to today’s motto:  “If you met my family, you would understand.”

Kids, interview the family first. Best to be friends and investigate their family fully before taking the plunge into a more serious relationship.  Your future holiday happiness may depend on it.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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