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Monday Mottoes – #182

blintzOur family hails from Italian and Russian backgrounds, Benedetto from the former, myself and the kids from the latter. We are not Russian Orthodox, however, the week of Mas’lenitsa, which was recently celebrated, is not worth missing. Depending on your frame of mind, it can be a pagan custom celebrating the arrival of spring with round, sun-shaped pancakes and the burning of a straw effigy depicting winter’s demise, or it’s a religious holiday allowing buttery, rich foods. Following this holiday, the deprivations and fasting of Lent’s forty days precede Easter.All that to say, I grew up with blini. There’s nothing like good blinchiki, which I’ve enjoyed from Moscow, to Miami and New York, to Jerusalem. They range from light and folded in quarters, drizzled with chocolate sauce and elegant, or heavy and rolled with a combination of slightly sweetened cream cheese and cottage cheese. I never developed a taste for caviar, although that’s ablintzes popular New Year’s blintz.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“The first blin is a lump”, or in Russian, “pérvy blin kómom” (sorry this doesn’t support Cyrillic!). English equivalent: practice makes perfect.

Anyone who has cooked knows that you can’t always flip the thin pancake on the first try. It often sticks to the pan. That’s part of the preparation, you sacrifice the first, with smooth cooking after that.

cookingbliniIf you’re striking out with something new, give it time. If at first you don’t succeed, you will. Just keep going: pour the blin batter, heat up the pan, flip, fold and serve.

You’ll get your rhythm, oh yes, you will.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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