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Monday Mottoes – #183

teamworkIn my way of thinking, employees and people in general fall into two camps: conscientious and unconscious. I say employees because if you’re an employer, you usually fall or climb into the first group, or else you don’t stay an employer for long.

It always amazes me how deadlines, in my opinion, are hard and fast rules, absolute.  This is what makes the world go ‘round: everyone understanding their obligations and performing them in a timely manner. Teamwork. Passing the ball down the line toward the goal.

To others, deadlines are negotiable. There’s always a reason why they can’t produce. The planets were not in alignment, they didn’t feel well, they never received the e-mail… oh and you meant THIS Monday?

Sigh. I’m not a seven-year-old who would believe this song-and-dance. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Willpower is all about committing to a schedule to do something over the longterm.” ~Alex Altmanth

Commit to a schedule. That’s it. Do it with graciousness, do it with professionalism, do it with conscientiousness. But do it on time and do it well. And don’t be grumpy toward others just because you’re pressed for time.

Draw up a schedule. There’s time for everything… if you really care… and if you are willing to stop making excuses and start producing.

This is your Monday morning kick in the pants and I know you’ll thank me for it. I just stayed up till 3:00 am, finishing my important stuff. And then got back up at the crack of dawn. Rinse. Repeat.

willpower-If I can do it, you can, too. Not that you want to do it. Not that I want to do it.

But sometimes you can accomplish a whole lot if you make a schedule and commit to it. While making time for others and being nice, as well. Write it down— how much time do you wish to spend on what/whom? How does your real life match with your good intentions? Are you repeatedly overlooking something or someone? Pencil them in.

It can be done. But you’re going to need a gameplay for moment by moment and day by day. Get started now.

Make it a good Monday, everyone!


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