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Monday Mottoes – #184

ageismAgeism is alive and well in many industries and organizations. Either you’re too young to be taken seriously and found to be lacking in experience, or you possess a long resume that requires tweaking so it doesn’t read, “Over 100 years of experience in…”! The point is, employers want to know that you’re current, that you’re producing well on the bottom line and keeping pace with technological skills. Older folks don’t always feel comfortable with shameless self-promotion and younger people don’t always have much to brag about, just yet.

Ageism. It happens. But there’s much that we can do to mitigate any potential damage.

Not only does the resume need to be current, it’s a good idea to update the hairstyle, the clothing, agethe makeup, the attitude. Why else do two people, close to the same age, often appear so far apart, chronologically speaking?

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“I’ve always said that age is just a number.” ~Doris Day

DorisThe American film actress turns 95 today, and not 93, as she had suggested for many years. I once had a grandparent like that, who “adjusted” her age, matching it with a round number for her birth year, lol. I don’t subscribe to lying, but I like that type of detachment where age doesn’t have to hold one down, hold one back.

I had a friend who passed away suddenly last week. Caught pneumonia and died. Bam. That was it. She was not elderly. She pressed on, heading into work, taking a few meds and then passed out at home. That was it. A very active executive, had been a restauranteur, looked young, was young… and now gone.  As a spiritual person, I believe I will see her again as both of us shared a strong faith which makes all the difference both in life and in death.

Live life to the fullest, whatever your age. Life is meant to be a celebration.

Numbers count, whether in age or in bottom lines… but other factors matter just as much.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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