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Monday Mottoes – #190

mother-huggingToday we are entering the positivity zone. I tell you, most days I’m around people who could turn anything positive into an absolute negative: from a sunny, gorgeous day, to a happy getaway vacation, to a bouquet of roses, to a healthy body, or gainful employment. There’s always something wrong.

And they want to blame me.

Yet, because I have a sound body and mind, I’m not playing into their games. I’m not buying it for one minute.

The challenge for me remains: to hold to my own standards, while ignoring those who project their own failures and insecurities on mother-and-daughterothers. Have you ever been there? Being negative about others’ negativities profits little.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“It’s easy to get negative because you get beat down. You go through a few disappointments and it’s easy to stay in that negative frame of mind. Choosing to be positive and having a grateful attitude is a whole cliche, but your attitude is going to determine how you’re going to live your life.” ~ Joel Osteen

Happy-Mother-With-ChildrenA good word. Eventually, we have to realize that negative people will search for scapegoats and excuses and rationalizations. It’s always something. If only they could stop the downward spiral by becoming grateful, focusing on the blessings all around us.

Even if they can’t, I can. Even if it means distancing myself from what I would term crazy people. Life is too short. Negativity is not nice.

And I am nice.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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