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Monday Mottoes – #194

busyEveryone has a lot to accomplish, between work and family, leisure and upkeep of homes or cars. These things take time, not to mention community or volunteer obligations.

So much vies for our attention, even in our careers, how do we maintain our focus? I have friends who laugh at me because I can multitask and hold five-minute power meetings, one in a row, giving many their next assignments and tasks, just enough information to set them off in the right direction. When more questions arise, or their preliminary research is completed, we can chat again.

However, all of this supervising of others threatens to derail my own work at times. Which brings us to today’s motto:focus

“Starve your distractions; feed your focus.” ~Unknown

It’s not so much what we say “yes” to, our success also depends on refusing or deleting many other matters from our schedule. They may be good ideas, yet not take us on the path in which we need to head.

Starve those things out. Let them die on the vine. Feed and water where you are going in life.

As summer is here, women in resort communities are wearing the tops with cut-out shoulders, the “cold shoulder” look. Give your distractions a cold shoulder. Kick ‘em to the curb, while you stay on target and on task.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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