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Monday Mottoes – #196

thA lot of transitions occurring at our house. Everybody is involved in some sort of change— a couple of them being pushed and pulled into the future and others leaping their way there. It’s all in the mindset, I’m convinced of it.

The fact is, everybody is capable. Either find a niche where you naturally shine, or else develop your talents in a specific area or field. The problem comes when a young person, or not so young person, feels that they should be paid or promoted… just because they exist on Planet Earth. It happens. There are plenty of celebs of dubious talents, particularly reality show stars, who prove that to be true. Yet, eventually, even they develop some kind of business sense or savvy if they want to survive.

Think of yourself as a work-of-art in progress, constantly changing, morphing, improving. Why not? Aim for the “After” photo in a trasnsitionmakeover whether it’s in looks or abilities or finances. Same-old, same-old is fine for the beloved bathrobe, but why not embrace change and move forward in life? Why always wait for the current to carry you effortlessly?

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Be magnificent. Life’s short. Get out there. You can do it. Everyone can do it. Everyone.” ~Andy Serkis

Sometimes, we need to sail into a contrary wind. It will take some blood, sweat and tears on our part. The struggle is part of the strengthening process. Every butterfly knows that.

thSo fly, little creature, fly. You were created for great things. I can only carry you so far. Embrace who you are by becoming acquainted with yourself. You will measure up and you will find your niche. The main thing is to keep on trying and be willing to fail in small things in order to achieve great things.

Be an original, rather than a copy. Be magnificent.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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