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Monday Mottoes – #198

SummerNote to self: we have passed the summer solstice and the days are becoming shorter-! Hard to imagine. Nevertheless, there’s still a lot of summer left to enjoy.

Consider how summer changes from childhood to adulthood, or if there’s even much change at all. Catching fireflies, climbing trees, learning to swim morph into reading a book in the hammock, late nights at sidewalk cafes and becoming the grillmeister.

For most everyone, summer means something. It’s watermelon and ice cream, it’s espadrilles and sunhats, it’s flip-flops and fireflies and fishing. It’s fresh fruit from farm stands and iced tea or lemonade on the front porch. It’s shucking corn husks and baking pies. It’s the smell of coconut sunscreen and the salty sea. It’s the screams at an outdoor sporting event, a carnival or open-air concert. Ah, summer….

Along with those nagging mosquitos in the ear!

Summer is a feeling, a sense of time and space, the possibility of kicking back or accomplishing longstanding projects. Which brings us to People-dont-notice-whether-its-winter-or-summer-when-theyre-happy.-Anton-Chekhovtoday’s motto:

“People don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy.” ~Anton Chekhov

I might say that people notice seasons, but I know what Chekhov was saying. It’s kind of what I’m experiencing: blink and summer may be over-!  But every season is good.

Only one thing is left: enjoy the season in which you find yourself. Happy Monday, everyone!


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