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Monday Mottoes – #2

Taking care of yourself can lead to greater peace and contentment around you.  It’s just common sense, but how many of us take time to nourish ourselves?

Not me. 

thI was raised with a strong sense of guilt and duty.  No doubt, no matter what I’m doing, I could be devoting myself to some even loftier goal.

Probably so.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “I drink coffee for your protection.”

Wise words.  Do whatever it takes to keep the populace tharound you secure.

Does coffee do it for you?

I’m a decaf person, myself, but I do believe the Euro lifestyle of taking a few minutes at a café’ to sip a beverage and chat, or ponder, would do the world a whole bunch of good.

Today, protect those around you by being kind to yourself.  Happy Monday, everyone!


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