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Monday Mottoes – #20

motto2A brand new year spreads before us.  Do we view it with anticipation and excitement, or fear and dread.  I know several who face serious financial, family, or health issues.  The new year does not always appear rosy, yet they forge on, even in dark days and icy, stormy times.

Yet, against hope, they believe in hope.  They have the will to survive, and innovate, and adapt to changing times.  They take time to heal, and regroup, and believe for the best.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.”Winston_Churchill_Portrait ~Winston Churchill

Churchill was not terribly respected until he started taking some bold stands.  He gave resolve to faltering British troops during World War II when it appeared that all was lost.  He looked destiny square in the face and made a quality decision to rewrite it with every fiber of his being.  His words bolstered a nation and changed the outcome of the war.

You may be in the trenches today, but victory is on the horizon. Go forward with faith that you can change any “inevitable” outcome.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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