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Monday Mottoes – #200

best-friendsThis is our 200th blog post in the Monday Mottoes series— time for something different, maybe a departure from productivity, success, business….

Around our home, we’ve been thinking a lot about friendship. Our oldest daughter, Mashenka, 19, had a girlfriend she had met long ago at camp visiting with us for most of the last week. Our oldest son, Petya, almost 21, finished off the last month of camp counseling with a visit to his girlfriend in upstate NY.

We’re happy that they have friends and acquaintances with similar goals and values. Allowing them to develop outside interests and friendships best-friendhelps them to find their own voices and grow. Meanwhile, as parents, we watch what impact these outside influences may have on who our children really are. We discuss things like toxic secrets, dumb ideas and dares.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“My best friend is the one who brings out the best in me.” ~Henry Ford

best-friendsFor children, for adults, friendship means so many different things. However, this quote encapsulates relationships in such a positive and empowering light: does this person bring out the best in you? Or do they hope to reshape and redirect you, enable or excuse you?

Positive friends bring out positive traits. I think that sums it up. If that’s who you are to potential friends, an uplifting and motivational force, there’s a very good likelihood that it will be reciprocated-!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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