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Monday Mottoes – #21

41EPlL320iL._SX300_An event is coming up that could possibly have me quaking in my boots.  But, I’m holding on with my “nerves of steel and knees of prayer”.  I’ll share more about the event itself tomorrow, but I guess we all come to the place in life where we have to realize what little control we have over so very much in life.

As a control freak, that’s not easy to handle.

On the reverse side of that, you have those individuals who feel they have no control over anything, and063957ac93978ba6ee95e7240160ab62 they’ve simply abdicated responsibility, because there’s a whole lot more that we can control than we ever imagined….

All that aside, I am bolstering myself this week to face the frightening.  At times, I feel squeamish, then I feel teary, then I give myself a good kick in the pants, and all throughout I’ve been praying.  Can you imagine what a mess I’d be if I were not praying-?!

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “Courage is fear that has said its prayers.” ~Dorothy Bernard

I will rise up and breathe, and keep moving forward, and breathe, and tell myself everything will be okay, how could it not?  (Don’t answer that.)  And you will, too.  We are courageous for whatever faces us, knowing that we have prayed.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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