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Monday Mottoes – #216

MotherTeresaIt’s not a topic often covered in modernity with all of our hustle and bustle of superficiality and importance. Instead, it’s raw and hits us right where most of us live, even if trying to avoid the issue by a life unexamined: it’s the subject of right and wrong.

Or good versus evil, since one always seems to war against the other.

I can’t decide which comes first: I believe good versus evil and then right versus wrong. For if we have a concept of what is truly good, then it would follow that we necessarily have a concept of what is right. To try to determine the essence of what is wrong, apart from knowing what is evil puts us on shaky ground of our own, rather than universal, sensibilities.

For example, ISIS may feel that they are doing the right thing by beheading innocent people. They might claim that it’s right for their culture, their religion, their mindset. But is it? No, it is not right, because it is evil, instead of good.

In business, in love, in life, men and women often justify their decisions in “taking care of number one” because they don’t really feel anyone else hastoms their back. They engage in cut-throat behaviors in a warped way of leveling the playing field. Those doing less than the right thing sense that they are nothing, therefore they need to cut you down to size, as well.

How sad.

Which brings us to today’s quote, given by a person full of hope, despite the difficulties of his background. He was a survivor of the Rwandan genocide:

collecting“The Gospels are full of testimonies of God’s power from eyewitnesses who saw Jesus heal the sick and raise the dead. When the blind man received sight, he went and told others. When the Samaritan woman received living water from Jesus, she went back to tell what happened to her, and “many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Him because of the woman’s testimony” (John 4:39). Revelation 12:11 says we overcome the evil one by the word of our testimony. When the orphans tell, they experience God’s power at work in them; when others hear, their faith is strengthened. When we gather to share our stories, I know the devil runs out the door when the smallest, weakest orphan stands up to attest to the goodness of God. ” ~Eric Irivuzumugabe, My Father, Maker of the Trees: How I Survived the Rwandan Genocide

Today, get to know the goodness of God, despite any evil which may try to drag you down. Rise above and do the right thing.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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