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Monday Mottoes – #219

ship-is-safe-in-a-harbor-but-thats-not-what-ships-are-built-forIt’s a risky business, this thing called life. You’ve got to be willing to take chances and challenge yourself. The easy thing is rarely the right thing, but that’s how character grows.

People ask me a lot about my daily schedule and how I accomplish so much. They don’t see me rise before 3:00 am and expend effort in my various responsibilities of life. Success generally doesn’t fall like ripe cherries from the tree. Instead, it involves aiming high and striving for one’s personal best.

That means not comparing yourself with those near or far, not trying to trip up a colleagueth because you don’t feel you measure up, not attempting to sabotage the competition. Just being your best.

For many, that’s a scary thought if they don’t feel that they even have a mediocre, much less a “best”. They wish to level the playing field by pushing you six feet under-!

How sad. Afraid of everything, they either grow very aggressive and lash out or tend to withdraw and drop out of life. Which brings us to today’s encouraging motto:

“A ship is safe in the harbor, but that’s not what a ship is built for.”

There are risks in life. The comfort zone is not your success zone. Push away from the shallow shore and launch out into the deep.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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