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Monday Mottoes – #225

Run to successAgainst all odds. Yes, you’re going to accomplish what you’ve determined to do. But you’re going to need to keep your mental focus and your consistency of action— keep pressing toward it!

Remember, all sorts of unlikely people have prevailed. They became parents, they moved into the C-level of leadership, they lost weight, they gained a loving mate, they had a makeover, they changed their mindset, they upgraded their expectation. Anyone can change. If they want to and if they commit to it— that’s the rub.

The problem comes from being internally divided. Up and down. In and out. Dedicated and crnoncommittal.

Choose a path and stick with it. For more than 12 or 24 hours, lol.

Don’t believe any negative internal dialog. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“There shall always be that voice that will tell you how you are wasting your time and ability, how you shall fail, how some tried and failed, why your prevailing slips are indications of your future doom, why you are Successful Strategyunworthy to dare, why your background mismatches your vision and aspiration, why your personality misfits your mission and how arduous the errand is. You have a choice. You have your thought. You have what burns in you that tells you how you can make it. Though the world may be interested in your success, it is much interested in your slips and mediocrity as-well. Your vision must keep you in your mission. Dare in wisdom. Dare unrelentingly. Ponder!” ~ Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

Start with the end in mind. That’s the vision. The mission is what you do along the way. The motivation will help to keep you going strong.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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