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Monday Mottoes – #228

crIt’s Valentine’s week and our hearts turn toward love and blessing others. If you have a significant other, love means going out of your way to make life a pleasant experience… and even… special-! This is your week to remember to put others first, to celebrate life, to embrace the small things that add up to one, big, happy life.

One day, the kids will be grown and the two of you will be on your own once again. Have you been nurturing your coupledom and choosing to celebrate husband-and-wife as the primary hub in this ever-spinning wheel of life?

If you have no special someone right now, this is an excellent time to just be a crgeneral “ambassador of happiness”. It takes no extreme extra energy to slap on a smile, to shake a colleague’s hand over a job well done, to give a cheery “Good morning!”

Those who experience constant fatigue and weariness are usually over-involved in others’ lives and activities, when they should be giving their primary attention to their God and to their mate. The rest flows naturally out of these foundational relationships.

crWhich leads us to today’s motto:

“If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present.” ~Roy T. Bennett

Right here, right now. You can make changes to leave the world, and people, in a better place than you found them. Lift your mate’s spirits. Say something nice. Do something lovely and make it your. Put your priorities in order and celebrate today as though it were your first and last.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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