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Monday Mottoes – #23

you-can-complainIn my numerous decades of life, I have come to several conclusions, one of which is that attitude and perspective are paramount.  The way you look at things doesn’t always change a situation.  I know this from personal experience.

Earlier today, our family walked up our front sidewalk to the house, and there, leading to our home, was doggy poo-poo the size of horse droppings.

There are no horses in our part of the city.

I tried my hardest to find something good about the situation, but about all we could muster up was that this was why 2945870250_0ac8d8a057_zBenedetto had an old, empty, paper coffee cup in the car—to scoop the poop.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “You can complain that roses have thorns, or rejoice that thorns have roses.” ~Ziggy

Perspective is powerful.  Keeping your attitude up above the circumstances of life will help you to win every time.  As we’ve said, it might not totally change things, but then again, it will keep you sane until things do change.  Look on the bright side today, even when you have to turn the light on for yourself.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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