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Monday Mottoes – #231

crToday you are staging your life in a movie— what will it be— a drama, a tragedy, a love story, a comedy? Imagine that you are the writer and you are the director.

That’s the way life is. Many believe that they are mere “extras” to the game of life, that they have no control over who they are or where they are going.

And of course, some things just happen. You shrug your shoulders and move on if you’re a mentally-healthy individual. You wrack your brain and agonize over it if you’re not.

Yet, the vast majority of life is a series of events that you have programmed, you have written, cr you have scripted. Think of changing that up— whether your opening lines, or your response to the other characters surrounding you. An actor can change facial expressions and tones— the same lines come out totally differently.

But in your life, you also write the lines, the script itself! Which brings us to today’s motto:

“A movie goes from several stages, from idea to script. As you continue shooting, you will make some adjustments. You’re constantly adjusting. It’s like a piece of music. You’re constantly trying to make it better.” ~ Robert Rodriguez

Trying to make it better. Not replaying the same script. Not rewinding. Not attacking others. Moving forward for good, for better, for best.

It starts with taking responsibility for your own life. Looking in the mirror and changing into your dream version. Why not?

Happy Monday, everyone!


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