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Monday Mottoes – #237

There are people who drain you and people who entertain you, those who lift and those who sift. Most of life is a balancing act between the two.

It always amazes me when those in a professional or educational setting laud someone, yet their own family members or supposed friends don’t even like them. Occasionally, there are reasons, but more often than not, a dog who is kicked reflects the kicker more than the canine.

Life is too important to spend around those who can never be upbeat. About anything. Recognize those who help you and those who hinder you— and not everyone can distinguish between the two— if truly troubled, they confuse the two. They often believe that the whole world is against them, when really, they simply don’t understand how to get along with others. If you need to change, change, but surround yourself with those who appreciate and celebrate you, those who will encourage you toward personal growth, pat you on the head and offer you nice treats.

Just because.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“When the value of a relation gets lower than the amount of thought and time needed to maintain or resurrect them, It withers away.” ~ EverSkeptic

An interesting observation. Every relationship needs water, sun, feeding and weeding or it fizzles away. Nurture your garden by treating all with kindness.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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