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Monday Mottoes – #24

Chinese_New_Year_2014_of_the_horse_art_horse_red_background-ipad-wallpaperIn honor of Chinese New Year’s which started on the 31st and continues for about two weeks, we are casting our eyes eastward and considering some wisdom from that part of the globe.  Personally, I’m happy for the opportunity to eat some Chinese food during the celebrations, but enough about me. 

This brings us to today’s motto:  “It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.” ~Old Chinese Proverb

It may not be exciting, earthshaking, or noteworthy, but those small steps make all the difference.  Whittling away on a goal takes 39765effort, for sure, and it’s often easier to become fired-up in the beginning, hence, we want immediate results that come from a great leap.

I say, combine the two.  Jumpstart your process, whether it’s a job search, a new or renewed relationship, getting in shape, a savings plan, whatever the case may be, take the leap!  Get going with a bang.

july2010-bethebestcanbe-01And when the dust settles, keep going.  That’s the hard part, the daily details of actually doing it… and continuing to do it.  Make it as “automatic” as you have to—a weekly draft that goes directly to savings, maybe wearing your workout clothes to bed so you’re ready for your exercise routine first thing in the morning, planned love notes left for your mate every other day, how many resumes to send out each week and follow-up phone calls or e-mails to potential employers. 

That’s where the rubber hits the road.  That’s where the fortune cookie’s message is written:  in everyday changed habits and actions.

I may not be a follower of the Chinese zodiac and all of the animal signs, but I can say this:  make 2014 the year of “you”—being your best, taking the steps necessary to live to your highest ideals, and attaining your goals.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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