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Monday Mottoes – #240

Another school shooting. Yes, you can make a case for gun control, but again, I don’t know that the same disturbed individuals would not turn to bombs or butcher knives.

I have a better idea, and believe me, it’s by no means unique. It’s been touted by Psychology Today, university professors and other social commentators. In my opinion, this kind of strategy would shut down a number of the murderers.


No impetus. No motivation. No raison d’etre.

It’s extremely simple, however, it would take cooperation. And in contemporary culture, everyone wants to be a law unto themselves. So good luck with that.


That’s it. No names in the press, no photos online. Nothing. Nada. Zippo.

“A white, male gunman opened fire yesterday…. Reported to be a former student of the school, the 17-year-old had suffered a recent breakup with his girlfriend….”

That’s it. If even that much. Blot his (or her) name off the face of the earth. Members of the press, or even individuals using social media to carry illicit images, would be fined.

Profilers tell us that wanna-be mass murderers seek five minutes of fame. They want to go down in a blaze of glory. They seek release from a life of depression and rejection by proving that they matter, or that somebody should have paid attention to them. Rather than find a profession, or a hobby, whereby they might make a meaningful contribution, their anti-social tendencies push and prod them toward the lowest common denominator: the most bang for the buck.

Which brings us to today’s quote, which has nothing to do with mass shooters, but was given during a 2016 TV interview when speaking of the culture of entitlement and narcissism spreading across our land:

“We’ve got to stop rewarding bad behavior in America.” ~Dr. Phil McGraw

Psychologist and TV personality Dr. Phil got it right. He was referring to a grown man who wished to become a rock star and therefore, could not be gainfully employed elsewhere and support his family. But it’s such a good quote, I think it applies to situations such as when troubled individuals try to harm others. Should apply to non-mass murderers, as well.

Give them a case number, or an inmate number and call it a day. A total news blackout when it comes to identifying characteristics would change a whole lot, real fast.

Make it a great and safe Monday, everyone!


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