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Monday Mottoes – #243

Every Monday morning, and indeed, every day of our lives we face a philosophical question: who comes first? Do we put others first to help and serve them, or do we put ourselves first? These reflect two competing approaches to life.

So we start with our two competing mottoes for the day:

“Impact the world: put the needs of others before your own.”

Followed by:

“That’s the problem with putting others first. You’ve taught them that you come second.”

Which one do you believe? Which one do you embrace as your philosophy? Each has a ring of truth to it. Most likely, a half-and-half approach would serve you well.

In other words, put others first, unless you never take care of “you”. If you’re not in good shape, how will you ever tend to others?

On the other hand, if you’re a me-first type of guy or gal, it can come off not so much as self-care, but as downright selfish. You never have time nor interest in those around you.

Consider those in your home, office, or community. Maybe a random stranger on the street. Are you tuned-in to their needs and how you might make the world a better place? Especially as reports of hopelessness and suicide hit the press, we need to realize that many around us truly care. I wouldn’t even say, “Do random acts of kindness”, but instead, “Do intentional acts of kindness”.

Humanity needs it. Right now.

Make it a good Monday, everyone.


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