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Monday Mottoes – #29

SomedayWhat’s your personality type when it comes to accomplishing a task you don’t particularly relish? 

We have the procrastinators who delay or deny anything that needs doing until their backs are up against the wall and it HAS to be done.  Next, there is the slow-and-steady crowd who can slowly wade through the work, whittling away little by little.  And finally, you have the one-fell-swoop folks who may not do much for a while, but then become turbo-charged to finish up the project, do some spring cleaning of every nook and cranny, or rearrange all of the closets in one whirlwind weekend.

Which one are you?32_card_front

I may decline to answer on the grounds that I could potentially fit into any and all of the categories, depending on when you catch me-!

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “There are seven days in a week and someday isn’t one of them.”

Why put it off?  Yes, there’s the tyranny of the urgent, and the necessity of prioritizing, however, simply see what works for you and what makes sense.  And then do it.

If it’s a beautiful springlike day, get outside and work on whatever needs tweaking there—plant some flowers, clean the gutters, vacuum the car, paint the house—or have your people do it.  Should the weather turn ugly, organize and file the paperwork in your home office, turn the mattresses, rotate the clothing from one season to the next, close your door at work and totally give yourself to seeing the project through to completion.

Seal it in your psyche:  “Someday” is today.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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