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Monday Mottoes – #32

3ff28d322ab33125ba366ae749ecf7deBravery, strength, and spirit.  These are not the character traits readily found in society today.  If the Titanic were going down in our time, I wonder how many would call, “Women and children first!” while the band played, “Nearer My God to Thee” and wealthy heads of industry sank to a certain death.

Laying your life down for someone else’s benefit reveals courage, the kind of courage that may not be glimpsed except thwhen situations grow severe.  When you’re squeezed, what’s on the inside comes out.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.” ~Ambrose Redmoon

courage-in-the-face-of-storms5What makes your knees knock?  Do whatever you can to diminish the trepidation.  You may need to research more, get your facts straight, count the cost, weigh whether or not x, y, or z is worth it.  Maybe love more, try harder, or be willing to give it your best shot and that will bring you the best outcome.  No matter how hard it is or what battle you’re facing, courage helps you to push through the fear, not in a foolhardy or reckless manner, but with daring determination and dauntlessness.

We all face dark nights at times, yet when the sun arises, and we’ve had even a bit of sleep if not a great night’s sleep, we can assess the situation and determine the values that need to carry the most weight in our life.  There’s no need to be a lightweight and take the easy way out.  Pray and believe.  Act and receive.  Courage will cause you to press through and come out, still standing, on the other side.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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