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Monday Mottoes – #33

305f64603e38aa81badc149e8829ae66There are dreamers and there are doers in life.  Both tend to feel great about themselves because they live in a bubble, either a bubble of success, or a bubble of wishful thinking that acts like a drug to deaden them to the fact that time is passing.

One of the few truly irreplaceable resources, time matters.  Yes, you can make up for lost time in certain ways, but whyDaydreaming of her bright future not use “today” for all it’s worth?

Which brings us to today’s motto, written by a wise woman with a lot on her plate:  “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

make-dreams-come-trueWhat’s the difference between wishing and planning? 

Specific steps and a timeline for accomplishing them.

If you’re going to go through the motions and consider, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ______?” then why not take those motions to their natural end and put them into dream bigpractice?  Why not see them through to completion?

Should those dreams simply be idle daydreams, imagine how much more you could do if you put feet to them?  Why not put them into action?

Write the first three steps and accomplish those a.s.a.p.  There’s no time like now-time.  You’re already dreaming and that’s similar to planning in your mind.  Take it to the next level.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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