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Monday Mottoes – #36

76d35ff4f3dce6b95c791a31a6fcc299Most folks don’t figure out this semi-universal truth until much later in life: better things cost more than crummy things. That may be an inelegant way of phrasing it, but it’s generally true, nonetheless.

You get what you pay for. No pain, no gain. Valuable items are just plain costly.

Which brings us to today’s motto: “If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.” ~Unknown

Sometimes, it’s in the struggle that we find the sweetness of success. A challenge makes things more difficult, yet it should also solidify our commitment, rather than diminish it.

So we should ask: Why, when life grows difficult, do so many just give up?3.15.11-obstacles

Most of us want things to be easy, and that’s understandable. Occasionally, that’s how it works out. And occasionally, it doesn’t.

Keep going. You’ll have the strength to come through on the other side. It’s okay if you feel that you need to sit down and rest from time to time. Then get up and keep going again.

Don’t take the easy way out. Sure that’s attractive, but it may go nowhere. Taking the more difficult path may be… more difficult… but it’s also more valuable and worth more in the long run.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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