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Monday Mottoes – #37

CTB with quoteI am coming to the conclusion that I am a worry wart. Make that a worry wart under cover, or a reverse worry wart.

I really don’t think that I worry, as a matter of fact, I do most everything in my power not to worry. I go overboard on making extensive plans and contingency plans for the very reason that I will not need to worry.

Which basically boils down to worrying about worrying.

Which is worrying.mi The Release of Corrie Ten Boom

I also practice preemptive prayer so that no one near or dear comes down with the plague… or parasites… or any of a variety of undue problems in general.

Which is also worry that something bad might try to rear its ugly head. Which brings us to today’s motto: “Worrying is carrying tomorrow’s load with today’s strength– carrying two days at once. It is moving into tomorrow ahead of time. Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.” ~Corrie ten Boom

?????????If anyone had something to worry about, it was Nazi resister Corrie ten Boom. And yet, she resisted that urge.

Here I am, the one who thinks that carrying tomorrow’s load is simply good time management, sort of like multi-tasking toward a heart attack. Today, I will lay my burdens down, turn my attention toward the present, and trust the Lord to take care of tomorrow.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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