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Monday Mottoes – #38

Purpose Find YoursScattered thoughts and disjointed actions result in the greatest lack of accomplishment in life. Like a jackrabbit, you zig-zag here and there, yet have very little to show for it. Focus is the fuel that will take you farther and get you there faster.

Concentrate, direct, converge, bring together your thoughts, and then your actions. Take aim and fire. Playing around and toying with an idea is great, but then you must decide: will I continue to 6a011168668cad970c012875b11093970c-300wiplay, or get down to work?

Which brings us to today’s motto: “Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it.” ~Brian Tracy

If you want to sell or sing, market or mentor, teach or travel, publish or go pro, this is the hour. Stop with the incessant planning Telescope on Mapand tweaking… and take the plunge. No, you don’t need for it to be perfect, which loads you up with tons of pressure. It’s okay to simply get started.

A little planning provides the roadmap; too much planning results Life-Purpose1in roadblocks.

What is your intended outcome? Look at the end result, and then work your way backward to the steps you must take today.

Start with purpose and why you are on Planet Earth. Have you given up on something that once brought you joy? What do you do that no one else seems to be doing?

You are unique and special. You have purpose and power which will lead you in the right direction.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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