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Monday Mottoes – #39

indexMy goal for the present and near future: to get the kids to think first. Before what, you say?

Before anything.

Right now, we seem to be experiencing a strange, carnival-like phenomenon, similar to the pop-up dolls that you hit with a hammer. When one goes down, the next one pops up. That’s what we’re finding in terms of their habits. As soon as I address one irritating area, another one comes on the horizon.

-One sits with her legs crossed like a man, the ankle of one foot on top of the other knee, while wearing a dress. I ask her toindex sit properly. She takes the foot down, but then slides down in the seat, almost laying down. If it’s not one thing….

-Another one has her hair crazy-looking in a spur-of-the-moment topknot. We are going somewhere special and she’s trying to push my buttons. Her father says she’ll have it look normal by then. She takes it out and it has ridges all over thfrom the rubberband, appearing even worse. When I refuse to comment or be outwardly appalled, she ups the ante changing it two or three more times, each more horrific than the first.   Then she pulls one sleeve up and one sleeve down. On and on it goes.

You get the idea. I avoid taking the bait and smile sweetly like a senile lady who can’t hear nor see her children’s shenanigans.

Which brings us to today’s motto: “A habit is something you can do without thinking – which is why most of us have so many of them.” ~Frank A. Clark

Today I want to be thoughtful, and have my kids follow suit. Think, then do. Listen, then speak. Consider, before acting kukoo.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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