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Monday Mottoes – #4

power-of-belief-quotes-belief-quoteThe power of belief is enough to sink a ship, or set our sails.  I love to walk through life with a spring in my step and a smile on my face.  This is the confidence that comes from belief, from knowing that you know.

For me, believing in myself, or believing that everything will eventually turn out alright, is not always enough.  That’s a good starting point. 

Yet, there are days when I let myself down, there are times when all will not be okay, and it happens the sometimes, the entire train derails.  Then I believe in something higher, like the Lord.

The point is, each of us have God-given gifts, some would call them natural abilities.  Perhaps a professor, 04302012_BillR_yes_you_cancolleague, or mate makes a careless comment one day that causes us to question whether or not we have what it takes.  We begin to wonder about those abilities.

Which brings us to today’s motto, credited to the great American Henry Ford:  “Whether you think you can or can’t, you’re right.”

Are you moving in the direction of your dreams, as though nothing will hold you back?  This will improve your outlook and keep your motivation strong.

You can do it.  You’ve got what it takes.  Expect things to turn around, starting today.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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