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Monday Mottoes – #53

9b4b53205646ab3308bf46075ccd395bMost of us, if we’re honest or thoughtful, know our strengths. We tend to cater to them. We revel in them, use them, polish them. But our weaknesses?

Not so much.

Our weaknesses fall outside of the comfort zone, requiring hard work and effort. We’d often rather hop on one good leg than limp with two. Yet, standing on a firm foundation in life provides the kind of stability that is born from lifelong learning.

I’m not afraid to study something new, to break out of the old in-a-rut-try-something-newpatterns and routines. Recently, I started cooking new items, adding to our culinary repertoire. Some of our less adventuresome kids evidenced suspicion, but eventually their father and I have to enjoy life, too.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

l-923“Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the Ark; professionals built the Titanic.” ~Anonymous

Good word. Go for it. Get some training, talk with those who are doing it, assess the risks, get counsel, read some books, and then step out and do it.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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