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Monday Mottoes – #57

DIGITAL CAMERA“Easy money, ka-ching, ka-ching!” our youngest daughter, almost 14, enthuses.

I am not amused. How she has developed a love for money, and a desire for “easy money”, I have no idea. But I believe it’s born of low self-esteem.

“Why can’t you work like other people?” I gently probe. “You’re smart, outgoing, have lots of time to still decide on a profession….”

As we chat, it becomes clear that, for all her bravado, and believe me, easy-moneyshe can talk a good game—she doesn’t believe a word of it. Her bottom-line belief: she’s stupid and life is hard. Over and out. She’s doomed to mooch off of others, or find shortcuts to the top of the heap.

It’s clear that we must assist her in changing her way of thinking. Which brings us to today’s motto:

thumbnail.asp“For as a man (or teen girl-!) thinks in his heart, so is he.” ~ Proverbs 23:7 (The Bible)

Whatever we believe, we tend to receive. Not to say that there are never any sharp left turns in life that we don’t deserve, but our believing tends to define us, to open or close doors before us.

I spoke with a top businessman today, encouraging him and urging him to consider a new industry. He was a top producer a few years back, but then was downsized out of a job, and has drifted from position to position, coming nowhere near the salary that he needs, 49fa82bcd96afb92637cb5a33b34b9eewants, or desires. I showed him how to reinvent himself, how he was a semi-near-perfect-fit for something that he had never considered.

He needed to think of himself differently. I need to think of myself differently, and redesign my frameworks. My daughter, Sashenka, needs to think of her future differently.

Invariably, our thoughts turn to belief systems and frameworks for what we think is possible. Change your thoughts and beliefs, and your entire world will reassemble around you. Start thinking highly of yourself because, if anyone’s headed places, it’s you.

Today’s your day. Happy Monday, everyone!


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