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Monday Mottoes – #6

Be-yourself“Be yourself.  Everyone else is taken.” 

Each of us is unique.  We see it in human beings, we see it in animals—the different personalities, idiosyncracies, and outlooks that make us stand out in a crowd, those endearing quirks or qualities that make us fun and fab.

Think of your sense of humor, or fashion, your empathy and your gestures of friendship.  Others often seek to emulate you, never even realizing that they are just as special, albeit in an entirely different way.

God made one of you, and that was enough.  That’s incredible if you consider it.  Even in studies of twins we glimpse be-yourselfdistinctiveness. 

Ponder that for a moment:  you measure up.  You’ve got what it takes.  You can fulfill your destiny and purpose.

Yes, it will take effort.  It may take traveling a different path than others.  It will definitely take staying close to the Creator who made you this way, because there’s a special role handmade for you to perform.

When we say “Be Yourself”, we’re referring to the new and improved you, not the “let it all hang out no matter how you want to be”—but you already understood that.

Because you’re special.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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