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Monday Mottoes – #62

a-smooth-sea-never-made-a-skilled-sailorHeard a great quote the other day, very insightful in a number of ways. You see, everyone faces challenges in life, some more than others. We often shy away from problems because who doesn’t like smooth sailing? Yet, as a Chinese proverb says, “Smooth sailing doesn’t make skilled sailors.”

This can apply to so many venues and ventures of life – whether parenting, studying, working. Solve your problems, or other people’s problems, and you’ll enjoy a greater measure of success. Which brings us to today’s quote:

“A person is paid in proportion to the problem they are willing to solve.” ~ Mike Murdock

Say that someone needs a cup of coffee. There’s a worker at a fast-food restaurant who problem-solvingwill be paid to meet that request. On the other hand, if you require brain surgery, a higher fee by a presumably more trained individual is going to be charged to perform such a service. You’re paid for what you’re able to solve.

Today, do your duties with grace and style. An upscale bistro commands more compensation for a cup of latte than would a vending machine. Place a flower on the table, and a smile on your face. It really costs not that much more to do something well and make a difference to all those around you.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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