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Monday Mottoes – #63

54444f9cb3a043cfb80d7f60767f2254-qantas-business-lounge-920eCultural norms vary across the globe. Having lived a lot of life in foreign airport clubs, I can assure you that business people from different countries dress, behave, and follow alternate formats for getting to the bottom line: the making of a deal.

I recall explaining to two colleagues at a “business lunch” how I was accustomed to discussing business matters at such a time.

“Americans,” one muttered, while the other looked embarrassed.92ffcd4b3659f513544a88ea6b547115

It’s not clear whether he was uncomfortable on my behalf or on his partner’s behalf. Possessing limited time in their city on an already-overcrowded calendar, I felt it was not beyond the realm of reasonable behavior to raise business issues.

The two gentlemen disagreed.

Which leads us to today’s motto:

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” ~Robert Louis Stevenson

Difficult as it is to accept at times when your life or livelihood depends on it, frequently, there’s more to life than the bottom line, the end result, the targeted outcome. So plant some seeds today.

Happy Monday, everyone!

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