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Monday Mottoes – #64

homepage-calmThis is a saying that’s been springing up everywhere and it mirrors the days in which we live. With a number of negatives being reported in the news, it can be challenging to stay positive when crazy folks are chopping off people’s heads and things like that.

I like the series that begins with “Keep Calm….” It might be “Keep Calm and Carry On”. The other day during my exercise track I was confronted with “Keep Calm and Eat a Cupcake”. There’s “Keep Calm: Tomorrow is Friday”. Of course, “Keep Calm and Trust in God.” “Keep Calm and Move Along.” “Keep Calm and Go Shopping.”

The question is, how do we stay calm when someone at work or at home is causing us calm_persongrief? How do you breathe through the feeling of drowning?

You might need to take charge of the situation and work out a solution. Or pray. Or exercise. Eating, I wouldn’t recommend unless you haven’t eaten in a while.

Have you ever noticed that? Why is it that when some are upset, they just stop eating? The rest of us are absentmindedly stuffing our faces through stress-eating. Researchers tell us that it’s the body’s way of protecting itself of keeping others at bay with a layer of insulation between them and us.

thGreat. Blubber to keep them at bay, to protect ourselves from the barbs of others.

I’d rather put on a fur coat and be done with it.

But back to today, Keep Calm.

I chatted with a man recently whose wife is going through an extreme physical trial. With tears in his eyes, he spoke of how this had crystallized for them what is truly important. All this coming from a very thoughtful and caring family anyway. When we consider situations such as these, and how so many operate with grace under pressure, it should not be difficult to consider that we might be able to Keep Calm and Carry On.

That’s your mission for today. Happy Monday, everyone!


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