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Monday Mottoes – #65

thWhether it’s at home, in the office, at school, or wherever, many of us are in the motivation business. We need to influence people to make a sale, get them to listen, change their dynamics, you name it. And most of us have learned that threats don’t motivate many… unless you’re in a motorcycle gang, lol.

The carrot works better than the stick.

Problem is, when you have too many rabbits around you, they eat all the carrots, and you’re not left with any options…. Which has not much to do with anything, but it sounds plausible, which leads us to today’s motto:

“If you think you’re a leader and nobody’s following you, you’re just out for a walk.” th~John Maxwell.

I like that. We’ve all known somebody who thinks they’re the head honcho, and absolutely nobody listens to anything they have to say.   Others might want to tell the supposed leader to take a hike, but he can’t: he’s already out for a walk!

Whom do you want to influence? This is your week to use your powers of persuasion.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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