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Monday Mottoes – #65

Personal-responsibilityPersonal change and transformation. It’s not a message that everyone can hear, since change takes exertion. The seasons morph and transform effortlessly as fall slowly gives way to winter.

But people? More of an uphill battle to change, yet worth it. The feelings of empowerment and accomplishment after-the-fact loom large, particularly if the modifications are for the better and self-induced. Endorphins flood the body.

Let’s face it: many change only when there’s no other option. You have to move when your lease is up. You need to get into shape when the doctor tells iStock_000009109571XSmallyou it’s serious. You start the marriage counselling when the mate threatens to leave. You take the child to tutoring when the grades hit bottom.

Why be proactive? There’s so much else going on in life that we often don’t have time!

68a5af42c33148e598d9e47a88e159c4I like to think of it this way: investing ten minutes today will save me ten hours tomorrow. Not taking time to deal with certain things today necessarily means that they will be a force to be dealt with tomorrow. Which leads us to today’s motto:

“You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.” ~Jim Rohn

Change what you can, leave the rest to the Lord. And you’ll find that you can change a whole lot more than you thought, and He can transform the rest (maybe more than you thought, also). Today’s the day.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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