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Monday Mottoes – #66

Creative_Wallpaper_Waiting_029203_Waiting for the right day, the right person, the right job, the right home. Many of us play the waiting game for most of our lives.

The right break, the right opportunity, the right contact. Whatever happened to… making it happen? Good weather or bad weather, feeling well or not, rough economy or a hot market.

All the while, time passes.

I was recently sharing with our children about compounding interest. If a WAITING,ALONE,SAD,LOVE WALLPAPERS (5)22-year-old began placing money in a Roth IRA (retirement savings account) and put $100 per month into the account, by the time he or she was 62, they would have about $1 million.

However, if the same person waited just 10 years until age 32, that same $100 every month would only grow by age 62 to be $300,000. Quite a difference in outcome because the person waited too long.

thWhich brings us to today’s motto:

“Writer’s block is simply perfectionism with a scary name.” ~Amber Leigh Williams

While we’re waiting for a perfect scenario, life moves ahead, with or without us. All we can do is make the best with what we have. Things will work out, and when it doesn’t turn out to our standards, it’s still possible to “rewrite”.

Write a new chapter in the story of your life this week.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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