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Monday Mottoes – #67

CommitmentDecember, the final month of the year. What have we accomplished, what dreams have come to fruition, what lasting results have we lassoed into our lives?

In a sense, it’s a time of reckoning, which makes most people nervous and leads to partying and revelry, as though absolving any accountability. Not so fast, not so simple.

Monday cometh. That’s why we bring happiness and cheer your way with indexour varied assortment of mottoes and quotes because we don’t want you to wallow in any Monday morning blues. Instead, celebrate the opportunities spread before you. Imagine all that’s yet to be accomplished in 2014.

Still strugglng with the idea? Which brings us to today’s motto:

Most-people-fail-not“Most people fail, not because of lack of desire, but, because of lack of commitment.” ~Vince Lombardi

Everyone hopes for something better, something higher, something more meaningful. Yet how many put boots to the ground to make it happen? Start to base your expectations on commitment, on carefully crafting what you’re willing to do, to get where you’re desiring to go.

If anyone can do it, you can! This is not wishful thinking. It’s committed action that leads to results, real results.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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