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Monday Mottoes – #7

thToday is my 35th wedding anniversary.  Yes, no need for lengthy calculations, I was a child bride.

Consequently, Benedetto and I have been pondering love and longevity, what causes some couples to stick together and others to call it quits.  We’ve been through good times and bad, strangulating circumstances, and pinnacle moments.

To this day, I still can’t decide if we’re similar or opposite.  According to Benedetto, similar interests, opposite personalities.  I would tend to agree. 

Also, I tend to be right, whereas he tends to be wrong.  At least we’re thagreeing on this.  And we agree to let love and laughter prevail, particularly when looking back at a life well-lived, and some of the amazing occurrences that have happened over the years.

What do we have planned?  It looks like a lovely dinner out at a quaint, historic place.  There are times when we can deal with noise, and bustling crowds, and excitement.  Tonight, we just hope for clinking glasses, a hurricane lamp, and a table by the window.

9401534_origThe rest of the month we’ll be celebrating, as well, really we’ll plan on celebrating for a couple of months, lol.  If anything I’ve learned, it’s not to postpone joy.  No matter how exhausted I may be, or how much work I have (which will still be there tomorrow), when a couple has time, or makes time, for each other, that’s a beautiful thing.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “Love doesn’t make the world go ‘round.  Love is what makes the ride worthwhile.”

I’ve been on my own and very happy.  I could do what I wanted, love when I wanted.  Nothing wrong with that, and it’s easier in many ways.

Yet, there’s something to being married, even with all of its challenges, that lifts one’s heart into another realm.  You matter to your spouse.  They care.  It’s teamwork, and you’re building a life together.  They know what you need.  They’re available for you.  They try to show, through daily gestures large and small, that you’re special to them.

The ride becomes a journey, the minutes become years, the downs become bumps in the road of the uphill climb, and before you know it, you still feel like you’re 35, but it’s been 35 years of marriage-!

Happy Monday, everyone!


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  1. avatar Nancyy says:

    Happy Anniversary!!

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