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Monday Mottoes – #77

450a17e2230d7c47842aab91303f4ed8Food is a funny thing—can’t live without it, sometimes can’t live with it. Every other physical dependency one can kick either gradually or cold turkey.

Food—not so much.

It always amazes me concerning the regional proclivities of foodies. If you’re around the Boston area, there’s a Dunkin’ Donuts on every corner. In the southwest, you know every taco, burrito, 51f94e7dbc9f77842b23bc89e07820a9enchilada combination possible. In San Francisco, they sell sourdough bread even in the airport. In Colorado, you can get a bison burger. In the south, it’s not a real meal if there’s not sauce or gravy involved, breakfast included.

It’s a hoot. I’ve been talking with the kids about proper nutrition. While their daily intake is probably better than 90% of the population, I’m indextrying to get them to the point where we don’t have to plop it on their plate. I hope that they will come to the point of understanding the value of grains and greens.

This week, our lecture du jour (semaine) focused on getting the recommended three portions daily.

“What kind of foods give us calcium?” I asked.

“Milk,” said one.

“Very good.”calcium-food

“Yogurt,” said another.

“That’s right.”

“Pizza,” tried another.

“Nope. Well, maybe trace amounts because of…?”

“Cheese,” said our fourth child.

thWe chatted about how green vegetables, among other foods, could also give us calcium. This was a lesson that needed to be taught across our country where soft, chewy, nutritionally-lifeless foods ruled the roost. The only snap, crackle or pop people heard was when it came to their sugary morning breakfast cereal. Somewhere in childhood, they had decided that they didn’t like vegetables, and so they did without—forever and ever.

Which brings us to today’s motto: “I am not a 599237254acb1edbf689bade60135e82glutton – I am an explorer of food.” ~Erma Bombeck

Walk on the wild side and check out your grocery store’s produce or grain aisle this week. Find a new and unusual food that you’ve never given a fair shot before. If you don’t like mushy veggies, then eat them raw with a light dip. If grains like buckwheat are difficult for you, add a little butter or gravy (!). Emphasis on little, lol, or we’re back to square one. Grains and veggies are easy to eat in soups, as well.

Try a new and healthy cuisine, your body will thank you for it.

Happy Monday, everyone!



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