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Monday Mottoes – #78

tina2Are you a dropout? Not necessarily from school, but from certain aspects of life? Do you find it easier not to engage with a spouse, a boss, a child, so you avoid them? Do you stay away from certain social settings? Have you lost a job and then, after repeated rejection, given up even looking for a position?

This is the reality of life, that sometimes, you can’t take a break. You have to keep going. Which brings us to today’s motto:

“In real life, God the director doesn’t yell ‘cut!’ There is no intermission.” ~Kirk Franklinth

A loved one may be ill, the holidays or a birthday may be upon you, the project deadline looms, the school registration period approaches. You can’t simply stop the clock. Time marches on and taking an intermission is not an option.

And even when it is an option, it’s best not to go that route. Dust yourself off and get back in the race. Compete not with others, but instead, with yourself. Determine that you’ll be your best with God as your director.

Your life need not be a tragedy, nor a comedy, but a beautiful work of art. Why take a break when you could be going full steam ahead?

Happy Monday, everyone!


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