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Monday Mottoes – #8

Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road_I’ve been spending a lot of time with chickens recently. 

Long story.

They’ve been following me everywhere in my remote locale and are truly delightful.  The birds remind me a lot of our Scotties and their playful ways.  The chickens even talk to me and we coo and bawwwk! back and forth.

Which brings us to today’s motto:  “I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives I-dream-of-a-world-where-chickens-can-cross-the-road-without-having-their-motives-questionedquestioned.”

Live and let live.  Be kind to all.  Treat everyone as someone valuable and special.

One of the chickens cruised our group dining on the lawn, swiping a sandwich with his beak, and heading for the hills.  I didn’t know that chickens could carry a whole sandwich in their beak!

Anyway, I didn’t question their motives.  They were hungry.  Maybe they thought they would enjoy chicken salad.  Others roughly chased them away, but it really wasn’t necessary.  They were my buds, and I saw them with different eyes than others, their patchwork quilts of feathers mesmerizing me.

It’s going to be a lovely week.  Keep your motives simple and straightforward and sweet.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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