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Monday Mottoes – #81

start-over-buttonToday is the day! But you have to believe it. Now, we all know that I could believe that I am an astronaut and it wouldn’t make it so, yet often our belief systems hold us back.

We might think of others as having more connections, more breaks in life, more education, more experience, more natural talent. Our perspective has to change. There is a level playing field spread before us, and desire can cause us to run up the steepest mountain in no time.

You’ve got what it takes to achieve, to earn, to study, to reinvent, to begin again, to keep going, to catch up and pass your competitors-! Which brings us today’s motto:

“Put all excuses aside and remember this: YOU are capable.” ~Zig 077_grandeZiglar

If anyone can say that, it’s Zig. I mean, imagine going through life with a name like Zig. Or like Alexandra Bartologimignano. Or like Dame Edna….

I recall listening to a motivational message by Mr. Ziglar. It was short and to the point. He talked about having a last-minute opportunity to go on vacation and how someone would push himself to accomplish all sorts of things if he or she knew they would be departing the next day.

Then he said, “Give yourself a vacation. Act as if you are going away tomorrow and see how much you can do today.”

luxury-villa-Tuscany-LaFornace-00Well, that puts it in perspective.

Don’t you know we would spring into action and complete projects that have been lying around for a long time? We might contact folks that we’ve left hanging and tie up any loose ends. If we knew that our departure for a great getaway was somehow contingent upon us finishing up unfinished business, that could light a fire under us if not inside of us.

All that’s needed is action.

If a child darted in front of a speeding car, you would run faster than you thought you were able. If a bank began to foreclose on your house, you would get a second job or increase profitability in the job you had. If someone became ill in your family, you would research every cure known to man and approximate a medical school education.

You already had it in you. You’re capable. You can do it.

So do it.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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