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Monday Mottoes – #83

3552754607_3f77474cba_oEmbarrassment is highly overrated, in my opinion. There are many tasks and trials undertaken every day for which we are not suited. But do them, we must.

Do them to the best of our ability and forget about agonizing over it.

A friend had a heart episode over the weekend. It was late at night and her family rushed her to the hospital.

We called the hospital, they had no news and said it was better if we waited until everyone knew hospital-ministrysomething. Right now, she needed to rest.

I let it pass until early the next morning. Then I grabbed my potted plant and made my way there, full of encouraging words for her and her husband who had spent the night in an armchair nearby.

In answer to prayer, tests later that day revealed that she had experienced a heart spasm, and not a heart attack. We had wondered if this might be the case, since she lasted a full 24 hours from when she first experienced pain in her left arm and then spreading to her chest until she couldn’t breathe very well. Pioneer woman that she was, my friend had just powered through her day until she felt she must go to the hospital.

TAOLife-Babe-Ruth-never-let-fear-of-striking-out-get-in-your-wayAmazing. A heart spasm with no blockage of the arteries, no angioplasty necessary, no damage to the heart.

Which brings us to today’s motto:

“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.” ~George Herman “Babe” Ruth

Maybe you need to head to the hospital, or give a talk before a crowd, or entertain guests, or fly in the middle of storms to a distant city, or support a family, or negotiate a raise. These tasks may terrify you, but you will get through and be okay on the other side.

If you never get up to bat, you’ll never strike out, but you’ll never have any positive opportunities, either. Fight the fear and move forward.

Happy Monday, everyone!


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